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Food & Beverages photographs BY NIVEDITA GHOSH

One of the Best Food Photographer in Bangalore

Food photography and styling is one of our niche photography services, aimed at capturing each dish in a way that makes it look appetising enough to make everyone salivate. Having worked with chefs, food stylists as well as restaurants and having conducted several food workshops mentoring amateurs and enthusiasts, we recognise the most effective methods of transforming images into outstanding, saleable works of art. By using a combination of vision, technical expertise and an innate love for food, we endeavour to tell a story and express moods through each morsel and plate.

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As one of the best food photographers in Bangalore, Nivedita Ghosh not just captures the photograph but also encapsulates everything in the vicinity of the subject that embraces the deliciousness and sheer beauty of the food itself.

Being one of the most reputable Bangalore food photography experts, we understand your requirements and work toward fulfilling it and adding value to your services. We have worked with a number of renowned chefs, food stylists as well as popular restaurants and successfully conducted several food photography workshops over the years. Our vision, sense of artistry, understanding of various cuisines & love for food along with the technical expertise separate us from the rest of the photographers in the market.

Visually Tempting Food Photography in Bangalore for Restaurants

Food photography is one of our favorite genres of photography. More than that, we are experienced enough to capture gorgeous food in an appropriate ambient setting that will make you salivate.

In order to capture the full essence of the restaurant and the hard work of the chefs, we work with the suitable color schemes to make dishes look even more appealing to the mass, especially on social media.

In order to create a harmonious balance in our photographs, being one of the best Food photographers in Bangalore, we employ a diverse range of technical and creative approaches to help your dish stand out from the crowd.

As one of the renowned food photographers in Bangalore, we strive to identify the main character of the food and enhance the mood. Prior to the photoshoot, we hold in-depth discussions with our clients to build more understanding of the food and the respective cuisine. Later, with the help of mood boards, diverse color schemes, and a team of skillful people who provide enormous attention to every small detail, we deliver sumptuous final imagery to our clients.

Capturing the perfect shot needs a lot of attention to the details of photography such as garnish, props, and supporting elements. The elegance of your dishes can be uplifted to another level with help of proper styling and plating of food. When we capture something delicious, in most of our food photography projects, we consciously eliminate unnecessary clutter, to make sure the food is the hero element.

All of the equipment we employ for food photography in Bangalore are of high quality so that you don’t have to compromise with the final quality of your photographs. We always strictly maintain the quality standards of our photographs.

Why Trust Our Expertise In Food Photography?

Nivedita Ghosh is one of the renowned food photographers in Bangalore who captures your dishes in a way that makes them look magnificent as well as appetizing at the same time without compromising the quality of the photograph. Our attention to detail is perfectly reflected in our photographs. Such appetizing pictures will make you feel hungry as well.

What sets us apart-

  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding the food & cuisine.
  • Highlighting the main character of food & mood.
  • Creating mood boards & deciding color schemes
  • Team of people who work together in creating the final imagery

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