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Best Candid Wedding Photography in Bangalore and Mumbai

At Nivedita Ghosh Photography, we cater to all your whims and desires to ensure beautiful wedding photographs for all eternity. Be it candid wedding photography, couple shoots, bridal portraits, sangeet, mehndi, or other wedding-related functions, we take care of each and every detail, letting you truly enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Scroll down to see some of our happy clients and beautiful brides, grooms, and wedding parties.

Best Candid Photographer in Bangalore and Mumbai

Nivedita Ghosh’s artistic photography touches hearts, communicates a story, and strongly impacts the viewer's perception.

A wedding is one of the most sacred ceremonies in life. Months before the wedding ceremony, you and your family members begin the preparation of the event. You start interviewing and hiring makeup artists, stage decorators, hair-stylists, caterers, and other event organizers. But the most important choice you are going to make is of the candid photographer.

Hiring reliable candid photographers in Bangalore and Mumbai could be a challenging task, because photographers have an immense amount of responsibility on their shoulders. Their role is to capture the precious moments and present them in such a manner that you can cherish those memories forever. Being a candid photographer Bangalore, we suggest that you should start the process by determining the budget and shortlisting a few photographers based on their portfolios and experience. While assessing, do discuss your budget limitations,the location of your choice, and also the quality of the final print collection you are going to receive.

We ensure that all your desires are adequately addressed and inculcated into your beautiful candid wedding photographs. Also, we can best provide all things lined up by scheduling dates with us as pre wedding photographers & best wedding photographers in Bangalore & Mumbai.

Candid Photography Vs Regular Photography

Capturing exceptional moments is indeed challenging. Candid wedding photography is truly about capturing those extraordinary wedding moments in an unobtrusive way, without disturbing the warmth of your ceremony. The traditional photography session tends to ruin the emotion you experience in the middle of your ceremony.

It also results in an underwhelming image that is emotionless and harder to connect with. In the non-candid method of photography, you also tend to be frequently interrupted in the middle of your ceremony to pose and click a few pictures. This is absolutely not the case with candid photography.

Capture Precious Moments with Candid Photographers in Bangalore

The role of the candid photographer is to capture the fleeting moments that are rarely captured on camera. Nivedita Ghosh is the best candid photographer in Bangalore who captures aesthetically soothing and breathtaking images imbued with true emotion. The final collection you receive after the candid photoshoot would be an incredible encapsulation of your most cherished memories. Such delightful collections of photos are carefully curated, edited, and put together for you.

What We Offer In Candid Photography?

Candid photos require a fair bit of planning, strategic positioning, and appropriate gears, along with other crucial things. Being one of the best candid photographers in Bangalore and Mumbai, we strive to capture real-life moments rather than something rehearsed. Exceptional candid photographers relentlessly work towards making their photographs look natural, raw, pleasing, and charming. In the editing process, enormous attention is provided to intricate minute details that help enhance the photographs.

A very few Candid photographers in Mumbai and Bangalore are able to capture such rare moments in their lens and Nivedita Ghosh is one of them. Additionally, our photography services also include candid wedding photography, couple shoots, bridal portraits, sangeet, Mehendi, and other functions associated with the wedding ceremony as well.