5 Spectacular Silhouette Shots To Include in Your Wedding Album

Silhouette shots are something that every couple dreams of and every photographer strives to capture. In fact, give the photographer his time and you will be amazed by the final picture. Silhouettes shots are inherently intimate and romantic. It is something that will have an everlasting mesmerizing effect on your wedding album.  

By definition: Silhouette is a picture (as a drawing or cut out) of the outline of an object filled in with a solid, usually black color. 

The following is the list of some of the spectacular silhouette shots:

Twilight Silhouettes

A loving couple embraced by the sunset in the background help the pre-wedding photographers in Mumbai to capture one of the finest and most beautiful pictures for your wedding album. From grand wedding destinations to beach weddings to something straight out of your balcony, expert pre-wedding photographers in Mumbai and Bangalore can capture exotic twilight silhouettes literally anywhere. The texture and the color make your special moments memorable forever.  

Portraits Silhouettes

You should never miss out on the close-up silhouettes, especially during your pre-wedding shoots or even during the couple shoot. In fact, the portrait silhouettes are something couples enjoy the most. They help embrace the chemistry between the partners, especially during photoshoots. The best portraits silhouettes are the ones that capture the essence of your love through the lens of the wedding photographer. By the way, the amazing part of portrait silhouettes is the beautiful facial contours.  

Bride Getting Ready Silhouettes

Bridal makeup shots are evergreen types of silhouettes. The transformation of a daughter, sister, and ordinary girl into a breathtaking beauty must be captured through the lens of expert pre-wedding photographer. A silhouette shot of such a delightful moment adds icing to the cake. The best pre-wedding photographers in Bangalore would prefer to capture this kind of shot by making the bride sit near the window to cover the natural light as a crowing stroke. 

Scale-Down Silhouettes for Couples

A scaled-down silhouette for couples – also known as Tiny couple silhouettes – encapsulates the grandeur of a location while aesthetically placing the couples in the pictures. It is one of the breathtaking silhouettes as they are able to capture the perfect orchestrated pictures.  

Abstract Silhouettes

Every other style and type of silhouette usually would ask for a grand setup at a pleasant location – that can be a burden on your pockets. The best pre wedding photographers in Mumbai employ several creative techniques to capture memorable pictures at a lower cost with the help of abstract silhouettes. After all, to create an amazing shot, all you need is appropriate lighting with patterns and you get a memorable abstract silhouette. For ending the wedding album, an abstract silhouette of the couple walking down the stairs can help depict the significance of the wedding – the eternal journey both embarks on for life.   

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