Say Cheese

I’ve been experimenting with food at home for a while now, and I absolutely love trying out different cuisines. This time around, I fell in love with some fresh cheeses. 🧀 Bocconcini & Ricotta being my favourites. Here’s a quick & easy salad recipe for you, if you’re gonna try Bocconcini for the first time. Comes together very easily with a few pantry staples, and you can add or omit things as per your taste.

Ingredients :
Fresh Bocconcini (ofcourse!)
Cherry tomatoes- halved
Onions – Sliced
Avocado – cubes
Few Basil leaves

For the dressing:
Finely chopped garlic
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
Lemon Juice
Chilli flakes
Crushed capers

All you gotta do is assemble the salad – cut the cherry tomatoes in halves or quarters (I like mine chunky), slice the onions, cut the avocado into cubes, chop up some basil leaves & mix it all in a bowl. Add the Bocconcini, you can either tear these small balls into halves or cut into smaller pieces, as you like. Toss that in the bowl along with a few capers.

Now for the dressing – in a small glass bottle, add some olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice, finely chopped garlic, some crushed capers, honey, salt & pepper as per taste. I also like to add some chili flakes for flavour. You can also add the zest of a lemon, It adds an amazing freshness to the salad. Now close the lid & give it a good shake.

Last step is to pour the dressing over the salad & toss it all together. Plate it in a nice bowl & enjoy! You can have it as is, or with a side of some grilled garlic bread to make it a complete meal. That easy!!

Let me know if you try this at home. Also if you have more recipes, do share them. Hope you like the photos! Food styling & photography all done by me, Nivedita.

Ps: I haven’t added measurements as I usually just add things as per my taste & this isn’t really a recipe blog.. 😁

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