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A Wedding Photographer’s Guide on How to Pose for Wedding Photos

D-day is all about dressing up, stealing glances with the love of your life and enjoying the ceremonies with family and friends. Photographs that capture the wedding day and all the essential moments with an aesthetic feel is important. Knowing how to pose for the pictures will help to have great looking photos at the same time not have to worry about these minute details. However, if you are like me, posing could be a nerve- wracking concept. I completely […]

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Helpful Guide For Capturing Beautiful Candid Photos

There are many genres of photography from nature to portrait, weddings to travel, and each kind of photography needs different tricks and techniques. In candid photography, one can see the real emotions of the subject in the photograph. This is the essence of photography and each picture has a story behind it, one can give their own views and take this art to the next level.  It is great to make your special event more memorable by getting photographs clicked […]

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