A Wedding Photographer’s Guide on How to Pose for Wedding Photos

D-day is all about dressing up, stealing glances with the love of your life and enjoying the ceremonies with family and friends. Photographs that capture the wedding day and all the essential moments with an aesthetic feel is important. Knowing how to pose for the pictures will help to have great looking photos at the same time not have to worry about these minute details. However, if you are like me, posing could be a nerve- wracking concept. I completely get that!  

While the entire concept might seem extremely tedious, the trick to looking good for wedding photos is to pose hardly at all is what expert wedding photographers in Mumbai feel. The digital photography process enables photographers to click as many images as needed and allows them to encapsulate the candid moments in a way everything seems like a fairy-tale. As photographers, we prefer shots that don’t look forced, so we let the shoot be carried at a natural pace and will only give our inputs when absolutely necessary. The photographer will make sure to understand if the couple needs guidance or to let them carry on naturally.   

Here Are Some Tips From The Experts In The Industry To Pose Naturally On Your D-day:    

Be in your natural element with your partner

We are completely against typical posed photos, especially during the wedding ceremonies. The only guidance we give is to really enjoy the moment and not rush to finish. One of the most common issues is ending the moment too soon. It is suggested that you hold on for a little longer or carry out whatever you are doing for a longer time, and not stop doing it abruptly. The couple often is in their element, enjoying, laughing and smiling and then suddenly remember about the photos and stop to check with the photographers if everything is okay. If you are a soon-to-be bride or groom, remember not to make this mistake; trust that the wedding photographers in Bangalore will tell you if something is not right. 

Maintain body language and posture while posing

Most couples ask, “where should they place their hands?”  Being natural while being photographed is essential in wedding photography. Also, it all comes down to being relaxed. Avoid pressing your arms against your body. If the bride holds her bouquet for a picture, she should keep her arms relaxed. Pressing the elbows tightly into the body will make the arms look unflattering. During the group shots, it is aesthetically pleasing to have the arms placed low and around the waist rather than around the shoulders. 

Add fun to candid photography

Candid pictures that capture the essence of the couple’s personality are ideal. However, capturing the natural, gorgeous poses like giggling under the sunset while looking into each other’s eyes or laughing in the garden may seem unachievable. But the truth is happy couples make for the best photos! Some tricks to get the perfect candid photo that works quite well are to crack inside jokes to each other. The laughs would be amazing. Try looking into your partner’s eyes for a few seconds, and one of you will definitely burst into laughter. Another fool- proof trick is to whisper a naughty or surprising secret in your partner’s ear. It will work splendidly.       

Some More Simple, Easy Wedding Pose Tips Are:

1. Don’t act unnatural or stiff.

2. Don’t kiss with open eyes, but kiss naturally.    

3. Don’t move too fast; it’s a photography session, not a race.    

4. Be yourself and don’t get self-conscious.  

5. Discuss these details with your photographer; this will help candid wedding photography in Bangalore get a perfect final product. And last but most importantly –

6. Relax, laugh & have fun!

Nivedita Ghosh has a team of efficient photographers that will make you feel comfortable during shoots and capture expressive images that resonate with your emotions and friendly bond with your partner. Check out Nivedita’s wedding photography portfolio to get a clear idea about Wedding or Pre-wedding photography.

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