Helpful Guide For Capturing Beautiful Candid Photos

There are many genres of photography from nature to portrait, weddings to travel, and each kind of photography needs different tricks and techniques. In candid photography, one can see the real emotions of the subject in the photograph. This is the essence of photography and each picture has a story behind it, one can give their own views and take this art to the next level. 

It is great to make your special event more memorable by getting photographs clicked by a professional photographer. You can now observe the popular trend of candid photography in Mumbai, Bangalore, and other cities. A candid photograph is special because it captures a real-time natural expression and shows our life, just the way it is. 

Are you ready to advance your photography skills? It all starts with the fundamentals of composition, but there are several easy tricks you can employ to improve your photography and convert ordinary shots into exceptional ones:

Keep your camera close to you

Rare candid of me taking a photo!

In our daily life, there are many moments happening around us all the time. If you pay attention to your surroundings, you will find so much content to capture. The best candid shot can be captured anywhere, it can also be while taking a stroll in the park or in your vicinity. When you find such an opportunity it is important to grab your camera and capture the shot then there itself. It is therefore important to have a camera with you so you don’t miss an opportunity to capture the best candid moments around you. 

Take a couple of shots

You might not get the best picture in the first click. Sometimes just waiting a couple of minutes can lead to a better picture than the first one which you clicked. By capturing a few photos together, you can even get two different shots of the same subject. Later, you can review all the photographs at once and select the best one. 

Take photos when the subject is moving

You can take unique shots when the subject is in motion. In this, it’s recommended to use a fast shutter speed, and long lens to capture candid shots from a distance. When the subject is in movement naturally, the expressions in the photo are quite lively. Using a slower shutter can help in clicking more interesting photos with movement.

Don’t forget framing & lighting

The lighting in the photograph can make or break a picture. It plays a crucial role in giving clarity to a picture. You should avoid taking a picture with bad lighting. If there is too much or too little light in the area, it can ruin the image, so it is important to always check the lighting before capturing any shot. It is important to frame the photo well, avoiding anything that can be a distraction from the main subject. Move around a bit, till you get a clear shot.

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