Behind the Lens – 1

Being a photographer mostly consists of me talking to clients, finding out their requirements, doing my research, shooting and finally post-processing and delivering the photos. If I’m hired as a candid wedding photographer, it is my job to get to know the couple by either spending some time with them or over calls and take photos of them, which tell their story. But in creating and capturing beautiful memories for others, it can make you forget about yourself, and your […]

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Crafting Memories

How often do you take your camera when meeting friends or for a family gathering? Even if you do carry it, do you really take as many pictures as you would if it were a paid gig? As “professional photographers” we tend to stow away our cameras unless we have an assignment. We fail to appreciate the importance of our time spent with loved ones, and all the fun memories. I recently attended a talk by Jerry Ghionis at PEP […]

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