What’s The Trick For Amazing Food Photography? Here Are Some Expert Tips

Social media streams to gigantic commercial banners are filled with colorful lunches and eye-catching brunches. However, shooting them isn’t that easy and requires a lot of work prior, during, and after the shoot. 

What’s almost as good as eating an inviting meal? Capturing irresistible, drool-worthy food photographs. And in this article, we give you the best food photography tips that will help you make your pictures stand out from the crowd.  

Perfect plate of fish fingers

Concoct a food shoot

If you are actively looking for inspiration to overcome your creative barriers, don’t hesitate to refer to brilliantly crafted portfolios of professional photographers who have expertise in food photography in Bangalore.

Put on your creative hat and explore diverse ways to approach your photo shoot. Browse through multiple looks ranging from messy to staged to minimal. Prior to the shooting, it is important to pick an appropriate dish-centric color palette that emphasizes the food content. 

Compose the shot

The composition is the essence of artistic expression – every expert of food photography would agree on that statement. Make use of the rule of thirds & leading lines. Divide the frame into nine imaginary squares and then position food when the lines intersect. 

In both the vertical and horizontal shots, it is highly recommended by expert food photographers to include negative spaces around the main subject because it is easier on the eyes. Shooting from a 45-degrees angle is a good practice, but might differ depending on the type of dish you’re capturing.    

Organize the food and plating

Instead of trying to make the dish look perfect, try to think about humanizing it in creative ways – it is one of the tricks that most popular bangalore food photography experts employ. 

You can add drama & depth by creatively adding minimal human interaction or enjoyable moments with the food, show movement or create the illusion of heat. You can also include refreshing drinks along with perfectly-plated dishes when styling. 

Work on the appearance of the food

The three major techniques that most experts of food photography in Bangalore employ to photograph food are backdrops, props and appropriate garnish. Garnishing adds a delightful touch of freshness and texture to a shot. 

Adding, cooking props, food serving props or a table cloth of a neutral color palette can contribute to your food story. But try to avoid clutter. In order to convey the richness of the dish, a dark backdrop can help portray the opulence. Food photos don’t always need a large setup, but capturing the element in the best way possible.

Master the lights 

Professional photographers having expertise in food photography know very well that proper lighting can turn an average looking photo into an awesome one. One of the greatest tools for food photographers is the light and the ability to control it. 

If you prefer to operate in a controlled environment – artificial lighting would be appropriate for you. If not, natural lighting works really well. Make use of shadows to create drama in the image.


They say you eat with your eyes, after all, expert food photographers in Bangalore are skilled at encapsulating mouth-watering images customers will be quick to gobble up.

By using a combination of artistic vision, technical expertise, and innate love for food, Nivedita Ghosh endeavors to tell a story and express moods through each morsel and plate. Because of her precise and well-balanced composition, she is considered to be one of the most renowned food photographers in Bangalore today. Check out more of her Food photography work here.

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