6 Emerging Trends That Are Changing Indian Wedding Photography

Indian weddings and their grand affairs keep on changing from time to time. Some new trends following wedding photography also keep arising. Staying up to date and adapting to the latest trends is essential for any business, so most Indian wedding photographers are ready to experiment with these new trends to create unique works of art. If you are someone who is going to say ‘I do’ or are planning the big fat Indian wedding, then you should check out these new wedding photography trends to make your wedding festivities memorable.   

Wedding Photography Trends in India  

Pre Wedding-Photoshoot  

A pre-wedding shoot is an emerging trend in Indian Weddings, ideally done 3 to 6 months prior to the wedding. It is also a great way to get to know your photographer and have some fun with your partner before the big day. It is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your partner before the Big Day and capture special and beautiful moments of life at the same time through candid photography in Mumbai. The pre-wedding shoot will help you to get comfortable in front of the camera. Pre-wedding shoots are the best way to know your partner in an arranged marriage. You can use the pictures from this shoot on your wedding day to exhibit highlights of your love story to the wedding guests.   

Proposal Shoot  

Another trend in wedding photography that is gaining popularity amongst couples is the Proposal shoot. Surprise or planned Proposal shoots are a great way to capture the real moment. It is also a great way to show your love for your partner. You can take pictures at any location you feel comfortable with and keep it as simple or elaborate as you want!  

Thematic Decorations, Outfits, and Props:  

These days weddings have a theme, and the decoration and the outfits are determined according to the theme. Some fantastic wedding themes include beach, traditional, garden weddings, etc. A professional photographer will perfectly capture the decorations to justify all the hard work and effort. You can rent props as they are great tools for photographers because they allow access to natural moments such as conversations between friends or family members. Flowers are part of every marriage function. Candid Wedding Photography in Bangalore takes shots of the bridal bouquet, and other wedding decorations to add beauty to the wedding album.  

Aerial Photography  

The demand for drone photography is increasing with every wedding season. You can see a drone capturing the wedding moments at almost every wedding these days. Drones are used for videography and cinematography of marriage ceremonies especially when the wedding venue is unique and in large open spaces. It allows for capturing moments from a different perspective, without disturbing the guests. The best aerial view of the wedding venue can be captured with a drone, which is impossible with a standard camera. However, we suggest going for a drone only when the venue is an open space. 

Candid Wedding Photography  

Candid photography is about capturing the natural expressions and emotions of the couple. No one knows better than the candid photographers in Mumbai that it’s about capturing their moments as they are, with no artificial lighting or camera tricks. It allows for capturing the different emotions of the bride and groom as well as the guests with creativity. Candid pictures narrate the wedding story with emotions and love in the finest possible way, which is why the demand for natural and candid photos is high among couples for their marriage.   

Post Wedding Photography  

The post-wedding shoot is a new trend among couples, and it is gaining popularity as couples want to capture their best moments on camera. Usually, it is carried out during or after the honeymoon. If a couple is not able to schedule a pre-wedding shoot, then the newly married can plan for a shoot after the marriage. The wedding photographers can easily click the post-marriage photos as the photographers, and the couple is familiar and friendly with each other.   

It is not necessary to follow the trend, but if you find any of them fascinating, discuss them with your photographer and get creative to have the perfect wedding photography. You will be able to cherish the most special day of your life through these photos, so do not hesitate to plan everything perfectly.   

With new trends and changes in marriage photography, photographers have more opportunities to expand their services. Nivedita Ghosh photography provides candid, pre-wedding, and various wedding photography services. The photos captured by her and her team depicts the emotions and surrealism of the wedding function in its truest form.     

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