The Complete Guide to Capturing Impressive Candid Photos

We all know how to take a selfie or pose before a landmark, smile when told to and jump when prompted. And it’s great to have those posed pics from the time you did that excellent hike with friends. Nothing wrong with that, but guess what can be even better? Capturing candid photos of your friends and family. But how do you get those perfect candid shots? 

Candid photography can capture the charm inherent in spontaneity, but it is not always effortless. A candid photo is able to convey a million stories. Capturing unscripted moments may seem easy at the beginning, but getting the image right can be tricky.

Candid photography is sometimes misconstrued as a simple snapshot. While candid photography doesn’t interest any direction from the photographer, it still tracks general rules of composition. To capture a stunning candid photo, you’ll likely need to take many photographs of the exact location and scene before you get it right. By following a few easy tricks for candid photography, you’ll be able to take beautiful candid photos in no time. 

What precisely does candid mean?
The definition of candid is ‘seizing a scene exactly as it appears without offering any added manipulation or direction’ from the photographer. As opposed to posed images, candid images show how things and emotions are in real life. A candid photograph captures the raw emotion between two individuals or a group of people. 

When setting up a posed shot, you have time to ensure the lighting is just proper, the focus is sharp, and the exposure is perfect. When shooting candid photographs, there isn’t time for any of this prep. Shooting in auto mode may be the easiest way to start if you’re beginning photography. You can focus solely on the scene before you without worrying about your camera’s settings. 

Tips for getting the perfect candid pictures: 

1. Add context: A simple gesture or an assertive wave of emotion can make for an incredible shot. Yet a piece of context can pull the candid photo together. Try to include a background or foreground that demonstrates where the subject is or what’s occurring around them. Including a hint of context can enhance the final image.

2. Blend into the scene: What makes candid pictures so powerful is that they are captured without disruption from the photographer. The best photographers are ones who don’t make themselves known, and blend into the surrounding, being almost invisible.

Couples are no longer looking for traditional, posed wedding photographs. Candid Photographers in Mumbai & Bangalore need to adapt to a new style of photography that ties in candid photography with posed images in a way that tells a story. Taking candid photos of a wedding allows you to capture the authentic emotions of the couple, the wedding party, and the guests.

As a wedding photographer, you should always be a few steps ahead. You must be aware of the sequence of events and also the best angles for capturing the photos. This stands true for every step of the day that you’re expected to capture. Weddings can’t be recreated — at least not candidly. To capture the moment, you need to be ready before the moment happens.

While candid photography may not be easy at first, with practice, you’ll begin to take images you’re proud of. Get comfortable with your equipment, use the correct camera settings, and start shooting! By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be taking beautiful candid shots before you know it.

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