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Candid Wedding Photography: Capturing The Emotion And Authenticity Of The Big Day

The thought of having a camera (or two) in your face for an entire day can be intimidating for anyone, but especially for those who are camera conscious. So, what is the key to being yourself for those priceless, spontaneous, candid wedding photos on your wedding day? Take it from an experienced wedding photographer: The best way to get truly candid wedding photos is to try to forget about the camera.   Candid wedding photography has become increasingly popular over the […]

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A Wedding Photographer’s Guide on How to Pose for Wedding Photos

D-day is all about dressing up, stealing glances with the love of your life and enjoying the ceremonies with family and friends. Photographs that capture the wedding day and all the essential moments with an aesthetic feel is important. Knowing how to pose for the pictures will help to have great looking photos at the same time not have to worry about these minute details. However, if you are like me, posing could be a nerve- wracking concept. I completely […]

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Photography

The wedding photography industry is ever-expanding, in terms of prices, styles of photography and client base. India observes over a million weddings each year and finding the right photographer in order to make your special ceremony memorable is an important, yet difficult task. So here we provide a descriptive set of the most frequently asked questions and their answers that can help you find the perfect wedding photographer in Mumbai and Bangalore.  What should you look for while you are […]

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